With more than 70 pre-integrated solutions,
our partners are among our greatest assets.

GLDS has partnered with more than 70 different industry solution providers to deliver pre-integrated, best-of-suite customer management, billing and service delivery solutions. The following are some of our most popular vendor integration partners.



GLDS offers fully-integrated, workflow-based provisioning of FTTX infrastructure, directly from our BroadHub customer management and billing platform.


GLDS offers fully-integrated provisioning of voice-related services and devices, directly from our BroadHub customer management and billing platform.


Fully-integrated provisioning of Internet-related services, like cable and wireless modems, usage-based monitoring providers, email servers, FTP, domain servers and more.


Whether you’re blazing new trails with IPTV & OTT, or still struggling with analog, we’ve automated just about every form of video delivery, all directly from billing.


GLDS offers intelligent authorization and billing for video-on-demand with real-time insight into the customer details needed to make smart event authorization decisions, and real-time billing functionality to ensure providers get paid.


While GLDS offers a best of-class workforce management app, we also offer partners valuable insight into BroadHub scheduling activities. These partners enhance BroadHub scheduling with fleet tracking or by offering more detailed work analytics.