Customer Messaging

Reach out and connect with your customers by email, or SMS.

Automate Customer Communications

Group Message-100Available as a compliment to BroadHub, Outbound Messaging was born from an ever-increasing need to communicate with broadband customers.

Whether it’s simply thanking them for their payment, or sending a copy of their completed work order, your best broadband customers expect their technology provider to use current, relevant communication technologies, and to communicate with them in ways they’d like to communicate with you.

Support for email and text messaging

Email them a receipt, text and let them know that sensitive account-related information has changed, or even confirm a scheduled on-site appointment—Outbound Messaging gives operators the tools they need to engage, while automating previously manual tasks. Best of all, every message sent is archived within the customer record in BroadHub for future reference.

Used in conjunction with a well-executed Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) strategy, Outbound Messaging can even eliminate some of the mailings mandated under the CPNI program.

Give them control

While your customers will appreciate the flexibility this platform brings, the solution wouldn’t be complete without extensive customer-facing controls that allow your customers to configure which types of messages they want to receive and opting out of others that they don’t. The platform offers all the controls customers expect like global “opt-in,” “opt-out” and “help” options, as well.