Automated Provisioning

Automate service delivery directly from your billing system with SuperController™.


Automate service delivery, directly from BroadHub

SuperController® lets you add complete control of voice, video and data service delivery to the BroadHub® customer management and billing and system – seamlessly! 

SuperController acts like an interpreter taking commands from BroadHub and translating them to something a third-party vendor can use to activate, deactivate or change services for your customers.

SuperController offers interfaces to today’s (and yesterday’s) most popular service delivery platform. For those we don’t yet support, we’re happy to write a new interface. Who do we provide interfaces to? See the Partner section of our website for a complete list of our Certified Interface Partners.

Automated provisioning for FTTH, Gateways, IPTV, Digital, DVR, CableCARDs, Conditional Access, Voice, Data, & more.

Interface-based technology means plug-and-play for most major service delivery platforms. Allows for unlimited scalability and future-proofing. Protect revenues by ensuring that delivered services are always billed. Automated disconnects ensure that services are deactivated when payment stops. Speeds time to market with predefined interfaces. Launch services before your competition. Leverage legacy systems rather than replace them.

Video Provisioning

The cornerstone of any automated service delivery strategy, GLDS has been provisioning video service for more than 30 years, maximizing revenue recognition and minimizing leakage.  Whether You’re launching IPTV or still humming along on addressable TAPS, GLDS has got you covered with dozens of video interfaces to chose from.  Better still, our customers keep us on the front lines with new interfaces ensuring that when you’re ready, GLDS should be ready too.

Internet and Voice Provisioning

While we typically leverage industry leading partners for many of these kinds of services, GLDS has been enabling IP-based services for more than a decade.  Visit this page to learn more.

Regardless of what service you offer, GLDS has a way to ensure automated end-to-end service delivery and billing.

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