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Make the most of your software investment

You invest a significant amount of time and money in your business systems. But are you getting the most out of your investment? To help maximize that investment, GLDS offers training and professional services that span the complete billing and subscriber management spectrum.

Unless otherwise agreed, all GLDS training takes place online.


Please note that all classes require a minimum number of attendees. GLDS reserves the right to cancel any class that doesn’t have the required number of attendees. Before booking travel, please contact GLDS to confirm that we have the required number of attendees and that the training will be held as scheduled. Once confirmed by GLDS, training registration is non-refundable.

Classroom Etiquette

To maximize your training investment and improve the classroom experience for everyone, the use of cell phones, smartphones, etc., is prohibited in class.  Please reserve usage for lunch and scheduled breaks only. Thanks for helping us keep distractions to a minimum, to give you the best training results.  Attendance for all scheduled training days is required to be considered eligible for Technical Support services and receive a certificate of completion. Please do not plan an early departure from the final training day.

Training Certification

Under the terms of its “Monthly Support Plan(s),” GLDS provides Technical Support only to GLDS-trained users. Trainees must attend, and participate in, no less than 95% of any specific class to be considered certified for that class. BroadHub 101 and SuperController Admin classes are required for Technical Support certification for each respective product.

Click class title for class descriptions

  • New BroadHub users interested in a broad platform overview, and seeking GLDS Support Certification, should plan to attend our Overview and Certification Training.  Held monthly, this class is designed for the new BroadHub user who wants to understand how to use BroadHub to manage day-to-day operations for a broadband services organization. You’ll learn everything needed to hit the ground running.  Best of all, attendees who complete this training are considered “GLDS Certified” and are eligible to receive support assistance under Monthly Technical Support plans.

    This is currently a 5-day, half-time class held Monday-Friday, hosted online. Outline provided on request.

    Highlights – all advanced versions of these topics:

    • Homes Passed / Subscribers
    • Transactions
    • Scheduling / Work Orders
    • WinForce Tech
    • Equipment
    • Configuration – packages, services, promotions, idiscounts, franchises, taxes, and utilities
    • Reports
    • Period Processing / Handling Inactive Subscribers
    • Outbound Notifications – EML & SMS
    • MBA / MBM
  • This 2-hour, online class will teach accounting users how to set up a general ledger interface directly to BroadHub, and automatically create journal entries for import into their own G/L.  Review accounting reports and learn how to create and use them, including revenue reports, earned income reports, and a variety of aged accounts receivable reports.

    Topics include:

    • System Configuration
    • Reports
      • Financial Management
      • Marketing
      • Subscriber
      • Transaction
      • PPV
      • Equipment
    • Report Designer

    This class is highly interactive and students are asked to bring examples from their business and questions for discussion.

  • You can do it.  We can help.  Have you ever wondered how to make better reports from the GLDS built in report designer?  Do you know what all the buttons can do, or how to find the data you’re looking for?  Do you even know how to run a simple report?  This 2-hour, online class is designed to familiarize the student with proper report selection, filter criteria, sorting, summarizing and delivery methods.  We’ll review reports and filter criteria related to:

    • Subscribers
    • Transaction
    • Equipment
    • Scheduling (work orders)
    • Homes passed

    While this material is covered in BroadHub 101, this class is designed for those who need to understand how to run reporting, but may not need to know everything found in the BroadHub 101 class.

  • This two-hour, online class will teach marketing managers and billing system supervisors to set up campaigns, promotions, and automatic discounts that take the guesswork out of bundling. Keep your accountants and programmers happy by properly distributing revenue and taxes — and running reports that make sense.

    Learn how to create and use promotional discounts to your advantage!

    Topics include:

    • Adding & Editing Discounts
    • Promotional Discounts
    • Customizing  Promotions  by Package
    • Adding Promotional Discounts to  Accounts
    • Transactions
  • This two-hour, online class will teach marketing managers and billing system supervisors to set up automatic package discounts that take the guesswork out of multi-service bundling.  Keep your accountants and programmers happy by properly distributing revenue and taxes — and running reports that make sense.

    Learn how to create and use intelligent discounts to your advantage!

    Topics include:

    • Bundled discounts
    • Non-discountable packages
    • Custom distributions
    • Pro-rating discounts
    • Adding discounts to accounts
    • Transactions
      These classes are offered as needed.
  • This 2-hour, online class is designed to provide tips and techniques to make managing work orders and technicians more effective.  Each class is designed around a single operator and is customized to address your specific needs.  For this reason, we do not post a schedule for this class.  Instead, we work with you to decide a time and date that meets your schedule.

    In this class we’ll review:

    • The work order assignment screen
    • Work order tech assignments
    • Technician rescheduling and tracking
    • Tech routes
    • Auto non-pay disconnects
    • System configuration settings

    The goal of this class is to optimize work order management as it affects your operation.

    At the end of the class, we’ll even show you new advances in field-based work management (WinForce tech) designed to empower your techs by bringing customer service tools to the field via any web-enabled device, like a smartphone.