Customer Management and Billing

Comprehensive Customer Management and Billing

Purpose-Built for Broadband


Looking for end-to-end customer management and billing? BroadHub is designed to give you all the key functionality you need, without a lot of extra (expensive) features you won’t use.  Whether it’s customer management, billing, self-care, workforce management or other features you’ve come to expect from tier-one systems, we offer a best-of-suite approach with pre-integrating solutions that deliver the most value, without the need for systems integrators.

Since 1980, GLDS has provided leading billing and subscriber management systems for small to medium-sized broadband services providers. Backed by a team of professionals with decades of broadband operations experience, our flagship product, BroadHub®, has been developed from the ground up as both a native Windows and Linux application-unlike competitive solutions which merely lay a shell over outdated, legacy architecture. No AS-400 or mainframe needed!

The results? BroadHub is the solution that is more intuitive, offers greater operational control and is less restrictive than other systems available – all at a price up to 80% less than competing platforms. It’s the broadband billing and subscriber management system preferred by operators with 300 to 300,000 customers.


While some companies focus on only one discipline and expect broadband service providers to hire a company to integrate these disciplines into a custom solution, GLDS believes this approach is inefficient and unnecessary, and results in a bloated, integrator-dependent solution. Instead, GLDS offers a purpose-built suite of solutions that are pre-integrated, and work to deliver a seamless operator and customer experience.

Standard vs. Enterprise

GLDS offers two versions of its BroadHub platform, each with its own functional focus. The Standard version is designed to meet the needs of operators with up to about 20,000 subscribers. Operators with more than 20,000 subscribers find that the additional features and performance standards available in our Enterprise version are a great compliment to an already broad system. The following list highlights the additional features of the Enterprise platform. Upgrades available for Standard BroadHub customers.

Additional enterprise features

  • Linux server operating system provides an approximate 30% performance boost over the standard version.
  • Up to 28 billing cycles
  • Support for multi-company financial reporting
  • Ability to relate/attach files to customer accounts

Regardless of which version you use, you’ll find that BroadHub provides all of the features you’d expect from an enterprise customer management and billing system, without the enterprise price.

Stand-Alone vs. Cloud

Whether it’s our lite DSB platform, or our feature-rich BroadHub Enterprise platform, GLDS Hosting gives you all the billing, customer management and provisioning tools you need, without having to manage any of the infrastructure. All you need is an Internet connection and you’re off and running.

Digital Service Bureau

The Digital Service Bureau is a web-hosted digital control and billing platform that’s accessed through the Internet. This no-frills system’s low startup cost and ability to run on your existing Windows® PC and Internet connection make it an excellent solution for smaller systems, or for larger ones looking to add new digital services or Pay-Per-View.

BroadHub in the Cloud

Wrap GLDS hosting services around BroadHub and you have the leading customer management system of it’s kind, all from the convenience of a virtual, cloud-based session. GLDS provides and maintains all related hardware, all system maintenance, back-ups, restores, PPV loads, etc. and all system upgrades for all products allowing you to focus on meeting the needs of your customers.

Pre/Post-Paid Billing

Attract a new segment of customers with flexible payment options that eliminate bad debt

GLDS supports flexible billing options including more the traditional broadband model of advance billing of subscription services and post-pay for usage, as well as more recent models which allow you to charge for all services in advance of delivery – prepaid. No money in a customer’s prepaid account means no service for your customer and no bad debt for you.

  • In addition to traditional operators can now offer an additional billing and payment channel for existing customers – all within the same
  • Turn NPD customers into prepaid customers and increase overall revenues.
  • Offer an unlimited number of prepaid “buckets” and tie a single, or group of services to each bucket.
  • Supports both transaction (VoIP and VOD usage) and traditional subscription based (subscription video or data) models, each with their own prepaid buckets.
  • Real-time charging for usage-based services. If there’s no money in their prepaid account, they don’t receive service.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for a cost-effective way to get going, or a seasoned broadband service provider looking to improve your infrastructure, BroadHub offers the most value of any solution of its kind.

Want a demo?  Reach out and let us know and we’d be happy to provide a video overview, or a one-on-one tour of our solutions.