Outage Management

The N.O.C. has their monitoring tools,
but who's watching the call center for signs of trouble?


Network Management for the Front Office with WinWatch

Opera Glasses-100A single head end problem can cascade into a huge backlog of unnecessary truck rolls and unhappy subscribers if CSR’s can’t spot trouble immediately. By integrating proactive outage detection and service monitoring with subscriber management, broadband service providers can detect problems faster, initiate repairs sooner and serve customers better.

Be Proactive About Customer Service. Is a service outage or picture problem a solitary incident or is it affecting an entire head-end? Are other CSR’s fielding calls about the same issue? When will service be restored? Has a truck already been dispatched? Which part of the network is down? Has an issue been reported ten times in the last two months or ten times in the last two hours? Should the Call Center Manager be notified?

With WinWatch from GLDS you can get ahead of outages and service issues to minimize their impact on customer service. WinWatch is a proactive outage detection and service monitoring solution that integrates seamlessly with your BroadHub® billing and subscriber management system. WinWatch monitors and analyzes service call activity in BroadHub to provide a real-time view of what’s happening across the service landscape. WinWatch picks up where the Network Operations Center (NOC) leaves off, giving the Call Center the ability to identify, locate, track, monitor and troubleshoot outages and service quality issues quickly and cost effectively.