Send any Notice, to Anyone, with DocuSend from Mail Technologies, Inc.

GLDS is pleased to introduce DocuSend, an on-demand printing solution for customer correspondence: Thanks to the expansion of a trusted partnership with Mail Technologies, Inc. (MTI), operators can now upload important customer communication today, and MTI will print and mail them by tomorrow. Read below, and click the DocuSend logo to your right, to learn more.

CPNI Letters Documented in Portal: CPNI rules require carriers to notify customers of account changes, such as changes to the customer’s password or address, and to notify customers of unauthorized disclosure of CPNI. Upload your CPNI letters to the DocuSend print-to-mail service and a history of each document mailed will be automatically stored in your personal portal for six months, or longer by request. An image of each document will also be available for reprint. This service is included at no additional charge.

Makes Snail Mail as Easy as Sending an Email: DocuSend’s print to mail service provides a simple electronic process for GLDS clients who don’t want to send sensitive documents via the internet. It is as straightforward and quick as sending an email.

DocuSend’s Print-to-Mail Program Makes Sending Certified Mailings Easy: DocuSend’s solution for GLDS clients who use certified mail as part of their normal operations, or as an occasional event, is simple, fast and as easy as regular mail. It eliminates the need to buy expensive envelopes, apply stickers,  purchase additional software, and eliminates minimum fees, and manual processes. Just upload your file, indicate which documents are to be mailed certified, and they are at the post office the next business day with the tracking numbers posted to your private DocuSend portal.

No Data Required: DocuSend’s proprietary PDF technology eliminates the need for complex programming. Just create your PDF letters within BroadHub and upload your PDF file to DocuSend. No need for audits as you’re providing a PDF file and we’re not touching your data. Your documents are mailed by the next business day.

Mail Any Letter Sized Document:  Top, bottom, middle stub – DocuSend handles any document regardless of the address location. You can design your forms so the address shows through our supplied window envelopes, but if you don’t have the time or resources, we’ll do it for you. We even handle W-2 and 1099 tax forms that typically have to be mailed in special envelopes.

Document History: Reporting, tracking, archive and retrieval, all at your fingertips.

Document Communication Tool:  The DocuSend print-to-mail service includes a very popular feature that allows a generic 8.5 x 11 PDF to be uploaded and mailed with each addressed document. A generic insert included with a financial or mandated document is an excellent way for service providers to keep in touch with their subscribers. Special offers, coupons, legal notices, any generic document can be included at a very low cost. The only limitation is the user’s imagination. It’s a fraction of the cost of sending a stand-alone document.

Give Residential Customers What They Want – a Choice: Recent research has shown majority of households (over 70%) can’t or don’t want to receive confidential and content sensitive documents via email. The DocuSend partnership provides operators with an extremely efficient option to send documents in customers’ preferred format.

Fast Service: Next business day turn around guaranteed.

International Mail: DocuSend mails documents to any country in the world. And international GLDS users can mail to their US customers for a fraction of the cost while drastically cutting the delivery time.

DocuSend Merge Feature: This unique feature automatically detects duplicate addresses across multiple files and allows operators the option to combine like addresses into the same envelope, saving materials and postage.

Other DocuSend Print to Mail Advantages:  DocuSend clients will be able to eliminate inventory associated with document distribution, and leasing and maintenance agreements on mailing equipment if applicable. As far as labor costs, the average time spent on manually printing, folding, stuffing, and sealing, and stamping 200 documents is about 2 hours. DocuSend: 1 to 2 minutes to upload.

The DocuSend service is provided by GLDS partner Mail Technologies, Inc. It is not a GLDS-supported product or service. Products, and related support, will be provided, and billed directly, by MTI. There are no minimums and no contracts. Operators can print one, or one hundred thousand documents.