Workforce Management

Empower your field techs with tools that allow them to better serve your customers.

BroadHub Tech™

GLDS’ BroadHub Tech product family is a critical part of any work management strategy. The platform provides field technicians with instant access to work and customer-related details eliminating calls to dispatch and empowering technicians to solve problems independently. The platform consists of two products, BroadHub Tech™ and BroadHub Tech gateway.

BroadHub Tech™

Empower your Technicians with BroadHub Tech

BroadHub Tech allows field personnel instant, real-time access to assigned work as well as customer and account details. It eliminates calls into dispatch by putting BroadHub tools on a hand-held device technicians can use to provide the best, quickest customer service possible.

BroadHub Tech Supports any Device with Web-Browser Access:

  • Any Smartphone – Android, iOS, optimized for today’s larger screen
  • Tablets – Android, iOS
  • Laptop or Chromebook

The two-way communication provided by BroadHub Tech gives technicians a broad spectrum of subscriber and equipment data, and allows technicians to make certain account changes directly from their hand-held device. They’ll have tools at their disposal to ensure they deliver the best, most efficient customer service possible.

With BroadHub Tech, Technicians can:

  • Receive, manage and finalize work
  • Manage equipment assignments from truck to account and back again
  • Refresh equipment individually or collectively at the account level
  • Update subscriber, house and equipment notes
  • Collect payments or manage auto-payments
  • Change Bill-to address and update contact information

Android and iOS users see significant additional functionality:

  • GPS Navigate to the next job
  • Sign, image and attach work orders to customer accounts
  • Bar-code scan equipment
  • Receive real-time notification of work order changes
  • Receive real-time location tracking of all technicians with detailed history by technician

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