Voice & Internet Provisioning

Automate service delivery directly from the billing system for voice and Internet services.

Automated VoIP and Internet Service Delivery

Once considered cutting edge, advanced Internet Protocol (IP) services are a growing part of everyday broadband product portfolios. As technologies like broadband Internet and VoIP expand, so do the challenges of administering and billing for them.


GLDS has empowered operators with a broad suite of tools for IP service management. We were the first cable billing vendor to offer a fully integrated DOCSIS cable modem provisioning system, in early 2003. The product, named WinProv, allows operators to automate activation, deactivation and parameter changes directly from the billing system. To date, GLDS remains the only subscriber management system vendor to offer this type of fully-integrated, direct provisioning.

Service Provisioning Gateway™ (SPG)

Internet services have evolved over the years, along with the need for more complex tools to manage them. Email servers, web servers, access control systems, media terminal adapters (VoIP MTA’s), soft switches, gateways, and the like, have complicated the service management landscape. As a result, IP service provisioning has grown into a product category all its own. In response to these needs, GLDS introduced the SPG for both voice and Internet management.

Designed to provide advanced service management, SPG facilitates activation of advanced services via third-party IP Service Provisioning platforms. It does this by passing vital subscriber and service-related data to the provisioning system, which then interprets the data and configures all of the elements involved in the delivery of service to the end subscriber. The result is single-entry provisioning – directly from the billing system.

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