Statement Production

Whether you're looking to breathe life into your current bill,
or find someone else to take over print and mail for your existing bill, GLDS has got you covered.


SuperBill Page 1While sending a bill may seem like a necessary evil, offering accurate, engaging customer billing communication disguised as a bill might just create the cement you need to ensure your customers’ eyes stay focused on you and your offering. Based on extensive customer studies, new bill-design methodologies have emerged to help you better “talk” with your customer through their monthly bill. While companies from every industry focus on how to get their customers to pay their bill faster, and with fewer calls to customer service, companies that personalize that communication will develop loyalty and drive revenue in addition to succeeding with more traditional goals.

Bundling, grouping and sub-totaling combined with rules-based statement messaging, tailored product promotion and customer-based communication can transform what might ordinarily be a transactional document into a promotional powerhouse. Standardized bills, printed in volume, along with standard statement production processes can help to reduce production costs and ensure your customers receive a tier-one bill, without the tier-one price. That’s why GLDS has partnered with partners worldwide to deliver the GLDS SuperBill. The bill is the result of months of co-development between GLDS, our partners, and endless operator feedback.

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3-Mesage Statement SMALL-2-791x1024GLDS Statement Production Services

Tired of stuffing envelopes? GLDS offers statement production services which can save you time, money and reduce the number of workplace paper cuts. GLDS has been producing bills for small operators since 2005 and has mailed hundreds of thousands of bills to date. Operators who mail fewer than 7,500 bills monthly will find that we’re a fast, reasonably priced alternative to printing in-house. Best of all, we’re aggregating bills from operators nation-wide and maximizing postage discounts in many cases.

Simply run period processing, select F3M Three MEssage Statement bill form at bill print, save them as a .PDF file and email them to us. We’ll work with you on delivery timing, and your customers will get a professionally produced bill. It’s that easy.

Tired of keeping track of government required CPNI letters?  We can give you a hands-off approach to printing those too.

Contact us with your statement count, or an estimate of your CPNI mailing requirements, and we’ll help prescribe a solution that let’s you focus on broadband while GLDS focuses on print and mail.