Risk Management

Integrated, award-winning risk management solutions, integrated with BroadHub.


Reduce Bad Debt, Offset Equipment Loss & Improve your Bottom Line

With collections, losses from unreturned equipment and subscriber turnover at all-time highs in the broadband services market, understanding a prospective subscriber’s payment behavior and risk for delinquency is critical. WinScore™ from GLDS integrates SubscriberWise’s® highly innovative risk assessment and management solutions seamlessly with your BroadHub® subscriber management and billing system to enable better, faster business decisions.

SubscriberWise LogoBy reporting comprehensive risk profiles for individual subscribers, WinScore equips your CSR’s to instantly verify identity, set deposit limits and tailor offerings before extending valuable services and equipment. Broadband-specific subscriber intelligence and profiling from WinScore enable you to dramatically reduce bad debt by mitigating losses from unreturned equipment, improving collection rates and preventing fraud.

For those already using the SubscriberWise solution, WinScore can be installed in as little as one day, delivering immediate and substantial return on investment. Deep integration with BroadHub makes risk management, available in a single, easy-to-use interface.