Comprehensive Customer Management, Billing & Provisioning

GLDS offers the most complete solution of its kind and allows operators to manage every aspect of customer interaction from the initial phone call from a prospective customer to sending a bill for services delivered. “Mouse over” each of the below elements to learn more about what GLDS can do for your company.

Add complete control of voice, video, and data service delivery to the BroadHub® billing and customer management system – seamlessly! SuperController™ acts like an interpreter taking instructions from BroadHub and translating them to something a third-party service-delivery vendor can use to activate, deactivate or change services for your customers.

GLDS has been helping operators manage postpaid subscription-based billing for more than 35 years – we’re experts in the field! Looking for a way to attract a whole new segment of customers? Prepaid subscription and transaction-based services have been around for more than a decade in the mobile world, and are now making their way into the broadband triple-play.

WinScore is a real-time risk management platform aimed at minimizing bad debt by empowering CSRs with stronger customer intelligence tools. By integrating data from a third-party partner, SubscriberWise, WinScore provides CSRs with the tools they need to make smart customer management decisions including when to collect deposits, and how much of a deposit to request based on the degree of risk involved.

Offer your customers the ability to do business with you when they want, how they want with GLDS self-care tools. MyBroadbandAccount is GLDS\’ web-based customer self-care solution. It allows subscribers to view and pay their bill, order PPV events, and more – all via the Internet. GLDS’ ARU provides similar self-care functions via the telephone.

While other vendors offer offline, stand-alone authentication solutions, GLDS is proud to be the ONLY billing vendor offering fully integrated, real-time subscriber authorization, as well as centralized account management, and parental controls. Already using another TVE authorization platform? We have integrations with all the major players.

WinWatch is a real-time work monitoring tool that evaluates all work flowing into the call center and delivers alerts based on certain parameters. WinWatch provides your staff with information on potential problems in the network that might manifest themselves as service calls.

WinVoIP allows operators to import telephone usage, and display aggregated charges on the customer’s bill. Operators who license MyBroadbandAccount can display call usage, in detail form, on the Internet from within the context of the customer’s bill.

GLDS\’ WinForce™ product family is a critical part of any work management strategy. Available for use with any web-enabled device, WinForce tech provides field technicians with instant access to work and customer-related details, eliminating calls to dispatch and empowering technicians to solve problems independently. Already have a workforce management platform? Use the WinForce gateway (API) to retrieve work-related data.

Available as a compliment to BroadHub, Outbound Messaging was born from an ever-increasing need to communicate with your customers. Whether it’s simply thanking them for their payment, or sending a copy of their completed work order, your best broadband customers expect their technology provider to use current, relevant communication technologies, and to communicate with them in ways they’d like to communicate.

The days of all-you-can-eat Internet are coming to an end and GLDS has tools to help you transition. Whether it’s managing usage caps, or billing for overages outside those caps, GLDS and our partners have solutions that will help ensure you stay competitive, while maximizing Internet revenues.

WinPay offers operators real-time payment processing as well as the ability to establish and process recurring payment methods. Payment options include credit card, and bank draft for both checking and savings accounts. Add MyBroadbandAccount or ARU and give subscribers the ability to process their payments via the Internet or by telephone.

GLDS has been offering a cloud-based version of BroadHub for years and operators report that it saves time, saves money and is just plain easier to use. More than 80 operators worldwide use BroadHub (and predecessor products) every day, all virtually from our data center in Carlsbad, California, USA.

The VOD management platform from GLDS allows operators to process, authorize and bill for on-demand video orders in real-time. More importantly, GLDS has worked closely with industry-leading VOD vendors to provide a more intelligent, secure way of authorizing VOD purchases.

While some companies focus on only one discipline and expect broadband service providers to hire a company to integrate these disciplines into a custom solution, GLDS believes this approach is inefficient and unnecessary, and results in a bloated, integrator-dependent solution.

Instead, GLDS offers a purpose-built suite of solutions and partners that are pre-integrated, and work to deliver a seamless operator and customer experience.

Whether you\’re a start-up, looking for a cost-effective platform for launch, or a mid-sized operator looking for a more cost-effective way of managing your customers, the GLDS ecosystem helps small to mid-sized operators look big – without the big price tag.