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GLDS offers the most complete solution of its kind and allows operators to manage every aspect of customer interaction
from the initial phone call from a prospective customer to sending a bill for services delivered.


  • "In our search for a billing and provisioning solution, GLDS ticked all the boxes. Our partnership with GLDS has continually grown stonger... Read More


  • "We launched GLDS in 2017 and have been impressed with the balance between broad functionality and price,” said Angela Imming,... Read More

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  • “I wanted to let you know how invaluable Gina’s help was with a recent statement production launch. She helped guide... Read More


  • “GLDS has been a cost-effective, reliable partner for us for more than 15 years.  They stay connected with, and have... Read More


  • I am amazed daily by the staff at GLDS.  They are there for all our need and solve any issue... Read More


  • Your technical support team is AMAZING!  In particular, James and Abel have been very helpful with a huge channel change... Read More


  • Just wanted to thank you for your work yesterday. We are up and running on BroadHub. Thank you for providing... Read More


  • Dude this is badass! so excited to get this out to the customers!

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    Sam Carbine
    Crystal Clear Fiber

  • GLDS offered us what they called ‘painless data conversion’. Compared to other conversions I’ve been involved with, it really was... Read More


    Bruce Jones
    NuLink Digital

  • WinCable is easy to use and simple for our CSR and Technical groups to grasp.


    Gail Cohen
    BELD Broadband

  • Our New Motto is WinCable Everywhere - by Thursday!


    Eric Gudgel
    Northland Communications

  • WinPay has brought flexibility and convenience to the payment process for our customers.


    Jeremy Burkholder
    Eagle Communications

  • Our non-returned equipment rate has dropped from 55% to 14% since we started using WinScore. Better still, the deposits we've... Read More


    Sandra Harrison

  • I am so glad we have GLDS! I cannot say it enough. Thanks for all your help!


    Alice Tijerina
    En-Touch Systems

  • This software is unbelievable! It's incredible how much easier my job has gotten, I can complete a task in one... Read More


    Brandy Kemp

  • WinCable is very user friendly, with plenty of parameters for easy configuration. The software is easy to use, and any... Read More


    Heather Jones
    Michigan Cable Partners

  • WinCable has been an excellent addition to our business and has contributed significantly to our ability to service our customers... Read More


    Dennis Darby

  • The chance to hear from other operators and interact with the GLDS team at BAM! is invaluable. We always learn... Read More


    Kimiko Uegama
    Novus Entertainment

  • I would recommend BAM! Not only is it fun, but you really get a chance to bond with other operators,... Read More


    Jodie Zawacki
    Thames Valley Communications

  • BAM! is my best opportunity to learn about new features and products available, as well as what's coming in the... Read More


    Deb Mefford
    Cable America

  • BAM! provides an opportunity for operators to get to know the GLDS staff and other users and feel like they're... Read More


    Vahl Burkett
    Wave Broadband

  • BAM! is a great opportunity to focus on WinCable and get questions answered all at once, as well as have... Read More


    Carl Schaeper

  • BAM! helps us keep up with the industry and gives us an opportunity to talk to our industry peers about... Read More


    Sheri Miller
    CMA Communications

  • WinCable is very intuitive. The navigation makes sense and the reporting features are very useful.


    Steve Firpo
    San Bruno Cable

  • From an accounting perspective, I don't know why anyone would ever choose anything except GLDS.  


    Rick Zaha, CPA, MBA
    Countryside Cable

  • The training and support during the conversion were wonderful. GLDS has consistently exceeded our expectations.


    Jan Stearns
    SkiSat Cable

  • We’ve been quite satisfied with the GLDS relationship. We have experienced significant company growth and GLDS has been a strong... Read More


    Steve Friedman
    Wave Broadband

  • I have been through a lot of training on various systems and topics. This was by far one of the... Read More


    D'Ette Carter
    Prime Time Communications

  • GLDS has a very professional and courteous staff, plus an excellent training facility. The training facility is very relaxing and... Read More


    Joe Ferrell
    Bryan Municipal Utilities

  • This will make the 4th billing system change I have been through since I have been working in the cable... Read More


    Tammy Horn
    Jet Broadband

  • The GLDS trainer not only knew the billing system but she also knew cable which was a wonderful plus in... Read More


    Yolonda Lasswell-Butcher
    Jet Broadband

  • Por mucho la solución más completa actualmente, control total de la administración en un solo producto, fácil manejo y amigable... Read More


    Ingeniero Efren Corona

  • GLDS did a great job with transitioning us to their cloud-based platform. Better still, I recently ran a Customer Summary... Read More

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    Patrick Hilke
    SCI Broadband

  • It's great having you and the rest of the GLDS team as partners for TVMAX. Everyone here is incredibly impressed... Read More


    Dave Curtin
    TV Max

  • Wow! I'm impressed. The features were all expected, but I never imagined that they'd try so hard to match the... Read More


    Dave Templeton
    Troy Cable

  • I have worked at several companies and never experienced such an excellent level of support from an enterprise solutions provider... Read More


    Rob Johnson
    Marco Island Cable

  • Having worked with all of the major billing providers in the telecom industry, GLDS is Laughably Better!


    Dave Haverkate
    Giggle Fiber

  • I always appreciate the quick replies from GLDS!


    Kevin Matthew
    On Top of the World

  • We have been with GLDS since 1999 and have always been pleased with their billing innovations and, like the other... Read More


    Jack Orpen
    BELD Broadband

  • If you don't have extensive experience, or time, we recommend GLDS' hosted solution for quick time to market.


    Kelvin Smith
    C3 Broadband

  • GLDS offered a much better solution for the cost than other alternatives. With GLDS we were able to centralize billing... Read More


    Dave Beasley
    CMA Communications

  • I am impressed with the telephony module that is integrated into WinCable. The API was a seamless way of getting... Read More


    Chris Simmons
    Big River Telephone

  • GLDS allows us to add a compelling package of on-demand programming to our lineup of digital video services with an... Read More


    Darryl Chandler
    Source Cable

  • It’s been my pleasure to work with GLDS. From our conversion in 2009 to present, each inquiry and request has... Read More


    Elise Pothier
    Morris Broadband

  • GLDS support for our project was exactly what we expected; but our expectations are very high, and they rose to... Read More


    Dave Mundis
    Wave Broadband