TV Everywhere

GLDS has dozens of deployments from stand-alone real-time TVE authentication,
to integration with third parties such as NCTC/WTVE, Clearleap and Synacor.


TV Everywhere authentication, the way it should be.

GLDS’ goal has always been to help small operators look big, and TV Everywhere plays a very critical role in meeting that goal. It’s our belief that every operator, small or large, should allow their customers to watch your content where they want, when they want. To that end, GLDS has worked closely with its customers, content providers and other vendors involved in TV Everywhere to make sure our customers are well-positioned to take advantage of all the TV Everywhere movement has to offer.

While other vendors offer offline, stand-alone authentication solutions, GLDS is proud to be the ONLY billing vendor offering fully integrated, real-time subscriber authorization, centralized account management, and centralized parental controls. With GLDS’ WinCAPTM content authorization platform, your customers can manage all of their TV Everywhere access from one centralized portal – your customer self-care portal, powered by GLDS.

WinCAP Highlights

  • One set of customer credentials (shared with GLDS self-care portal MyBroadbandAccount) that allow your customer to manage both account access, as well as parental controls for all supported TV Everywhere content platforms.
  • Real-time authorization. Your customer should be able to add premium content, and then have access to that content online immediately, not 4 hours later. We don’t live in a 4 hours later world and real-time access is critical.
  • Centralized platform, hosted by GLDS that allows all content providers a single point of contact for authorizing content. This was a critical part of getting content providers to work with smaller operators. Until we centralized authorization at GLDS, operators were told it was too much of a hassle to deal with “the little guys.” GLDS is dedicated to making life easier for the little guys.
  • BroadHub features that allow you to correlate service codes with content provider programming so that when authorization requests come in, GLDS knows what services to look for on a customer’s account before authorizing.

Already Using the NCTC’s WatchTVEverywhere Platform?

GLDS has combined the built-in package mapping features of WinCAP with a flow-through interface to the NCTC’s WTVE platform giving operators the ability to pass subscriber and programming details directly to the WTVE platform. No need to run reports, convert data, encrypt and upload; we have done all of the heavy lifting for you and have even provided an intuitive user-interface that allows you to manage the NCTC data flow directly from BroadHub.

Contact us to learn more about the platform and to better understand GLDS’ take on TV Everywhere and what it should mean to you.