VoIP Management

Bill VoIP usage by phone number, by call type, and
charge VoIP taxes, along side other broadband charges.


Convergent Billing is here with Usage-Based Voice Billing from WinVoIP

Most broadband service providers now provide more than just video services, and VoIP is a critical part of most IP services strategy. As a pioneering developer of world-class billing and provisioning software, GLDS anticipated and planned for this trend in 2003. With proven integrations to more than two dozen turn-key VoIP vendors, GLDS has completed more than 100 successful voice launches for our customers.

WinVoIP from GLDS is a powerful enhancement to BroadHub® that allows the import and management of retail-rated call detail records (CDR’s). CDR’s are stored, managed, aggregated, and available for reporting and display from within BroadHub and from our web-based customer self-care platform.

Combine WinVoIP with GLDS’ SuperBill statement and print a truly converged statement with grouped services, and taxes, and even print call detail records on the bill.

Want to provision voice services?  We do that too!