Created for small to mid-sized cable operators, like ourselves, our solutions help you look
like a tier-one operator, without the typical tier-one price.

It’s In Our DNA

DNA Helix-100 grayGLDS was created to help small to mid-sized cable operators – like ourselves.  Our founder cut his teeth at Warner Communications (later Time Warner) in the 70’s and later went on to own franchised cable operations throughout Wisconsin.  Frustrated with the lack of affordable customer management and billing platforms, he set out to create one within reach of even the smallest cable operators.  Within a few years, operators nationwide were using GLDS tools to manage the complete customer life cycle, from order management and product inventory, to provisioning set-top boxes and billing.  Given our deep roots in cable TV, GLDS solutions were one of a kind.  While the product and company have evolved over the years, we’ve continued to value, and to invest in, our cable DNA.  We hire more front-line team members from the cable industry, than from all other industries combined.

Not Your Parent’s Cable Company

Over the last decade traditional cable operators have been anything but traditional, expanding into alternative services, like voice and Internet, and deploying a wide variety of networks technologies such as FTTH, wireless, and satellite.  Cable TV companies have transformed themselves into “broadband service providers” and GLDS has been there offering relevant, cost-effective tools each step of the way.

Less Talking and More Doing

While loyal to the principals that built the cable television industry (bootstrapping, get-it-done, & do what it takes) GLDS’ solutions are are fully-compliant with industry standards, they’re quality tested, and are as relevant today as they were when we introduced them in 1980.

Find out why more small to mid-sized cable television operators chose GLDS than any other solution if its kind!