Internet Service Providers

With broadband as the backbone for the connected economy, those with ISP DNA
know how to maximize the opportunity whether fiber, coax, LTE, or wireless delivery models.

Getting the job done

Wi-Fi-100Small and Mid-sized Internet Service Providers worldwide are making great strides to help close the digital divide.  Many ISP’s are leading the way with Gigabit services to under-served markets.  No matter the method, wireless, coax, or fiber, GLDS has solutions that can bring enhancements and efficiency to any ISP.

Time to grow up

We hear stories all the time about the ISP that started in the garage.  You did whatever you could to make the numbers work and deliver the best solution for the buck to your customers.  The back office was, and may still be, a hodgepodge of hardware and software.  Customer management is part spreadsheet, part Word document and you may use google calendar for tracking work in the field.  Billing is run out of Excel or maybe, if you’re lucky, QuickBooks.  However, you recognize that as more and more customers choose to do business with the local company, it is becoming more difficult to support the quality and efficiency they have come to expect from your larger competitors.

Enter GLDS…

For more than 35 years we have delivered affordable customer management, billing and provisioning to the small to mid-sized broadband market.  Whether your company has 300 or 300,000 customers, we have a solution to help.

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