Whether a seasoned operator, or launching a greenfield system, electric coops, cable,
municipal, ISPs, and more, trust GLDS for FTTx Solutions worldwide.

History of Success

It’s no secret that broadband needs continue to grow, and fiber is the go-to technology for delivering ultra-high speeds.  Did you know that GLDS supports more than 30 FTTx projects worldwide by delivering the most cost effective customer management and billing software in the industry? Whether you’re an experienced fiber provider, or trying to launch a greenfield system ,GLDS has offers both the product, and expertise needed to ensure success.

Automation is Key

Each year we continue to develop for a steady stream of technologies to support our customer’s choices for delivering triple-play services.  As a municipal/utility start up, it is important that you spend time focusing on revenue growth, while GLDS takes care of efficiency for your support team.  With over 70 interfaces developed to date, GLDS is experienced and ready to support your best of suite selection of IPTV, Fiber Technology, and VoIP partners.

Products well within Reach

Why do so many companies choose GLDS?  It’s simple, we deliver the products they need for a fair price with a very reasonable time to market.

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