Whether you're a full-time, converged services operator,
or simply offer a video product on the side, GLDS has got a scalable solution for you.

Video Management

Phone-100It’s no secret that GLDS grew up in the Cable TV Space.  In fact, our founder owned franchised cable operations throughout Wisconsin.  Much like cable operators, telephone companies have a long history of customer loyalty and they’ve found news ways to expand the traditional “phone” relationship by offering video and Internet service initially over legacy networks, and now over fiber.  GLDS offers broad video experience and telephone companies throughout the nation continue to choose GLDS’ Digital Service Bureau for industry leading digital authorization, and Pay-Per-View.

Making the Shift

Are you making the shift to an all IP environment from traditional copper network?  If so, it might be time to re-evaluate your customer management and billing platform.  Telephone companies are quickly learning that GLDS’ complete BroadHub Solution can provide a best-of-suite functionality for multi-service customer management, billing and provisioning.  GLDS offers provisioning interfaces for more than 70 industry partners offering full support for Video, IPTV, Fiber Technology, and Voice Services.

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