Hosted HITS Authorization

Shared HITS® control - simple, and cost-effective.

Digital Service Bureau (DSB)

Get easy access to digital authorization with a hosted,
lite version of GLDS’ billing and provisioning solutions.

The Digital Service Bureau (DSB) offers you the industry-leading digital authorization and PPV features of our flagship software, BroadHub®, at a fraction of the cost of most in-house solutions. No HMS (data collector) required for non-RF systems. No ANI service costs or leased lines. Get proven Internet-enabled digital control, PPV in days, not months! You’ll access the DSB through a standard PC browser like Internet Explorer, which means there’s no new hardware to buy. The database and billing software run continuously on our hosted, expertly maintained server, saving you the cost and hassle of system maintenance. License a laptop if you like – and control your digital set-tops or access customer records from home – or even from the beach!

  • Activate New Subscribers
  • Manage Customer Accounts
  • Bill by Mail/Email/Credit Card
  • Post Payments
  • Issue Credits to Accounts
  • Track Converter Inventory
  • Control your Digital Services & VOD
  • Track PPV and VOD Activity
  • No New Infrastructure Costs
  • Fast Launch Schedule
  • Optional File Export
  • Get Detailed Reports via Email

All the functionality you need without the up-front costs.