GLDS works with some of the best partners in the industry. Direct interfaces and open API’s allow GLDS applications to control Voice, Video, Workforce Management, VOD, High Speed Data, and more. GLDS adds new interfaces regularly to stay ahead of the market. If you are working with a provider you’d like to see integrated with GLDS, please contact us. GLDS has numerous published API’s that make integration, testing and launch a snap. You can do it all with BroadHub.


  • "In our search for a billing and provisioning solution, GLDS ticked all the boxes. Our partnership with GLDS has continually grown stonger... Read More


  • "We launched GLDS in 2017 and have been impressed with the balance between broad functionality and price,” said Angela Imming,... Read More

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  • “I wanted to let you know how invaluable Gina’s help was with a recent statement production launch. She helped guide... Read More


  • “GLDS has been a cost-effective, reliable partner for us for more than 15 years.  They stay connected with, and have... Read More


  • I am amazed daily by the staff at GLDS.  They are there for all our need and solve any issue... Read More


  • Your technical support team is AMAZING!  In particular, James and Abel have been very helpful with a huge channel change... Read More


  • Just wanted to thank you for your work yesterday. We are up and running on BroadHub. Thank you for providing... Read More


  • Dude this is badass! so excited to get this out to the customers!

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    Sam Carbine
    Crystal Clear Fiber

  • GLDS offered us what they called ‘painless data conversion’. Compared to other conversions I’ve been involved with, it really was... Read More


    Bruce Jones
    NuLink Digital

  • BroadHub is easy to use and simple for our CSR and Technical groups to grasp.


    Gail Cohen
    BELD Broadband

  • Our New Motto is BroadHub Everywhere - by Thursday!


    Eric Gudgel
    Northland Communications

  • WinPay has brought flexibility and convenience to the payment process for our customers.


    Jeremy Burkholder
    Eagle Communications

  • Our non-returned equipment rate has dropped from 55% to 14% since we started using WinScore. Better still, the deposits we've... Read More


    Sandra Harrison

  • I am so glad we have GLDS! I cannot say it enough. Thanks for all your help!


    Alice Tijerina
    En-Touch Systems

  • This software is unbelievable! It's incredible how much easier my job has gotten, I can complete a task in one... Read More


    Brandy Kemp

  • BroadHub is very user friendly, with plenty of parameters for easy configuration. The software is easy to use, and any... Read More


    Heather Jones
    Michigan Cable Partners

  • BroadHub has been an excellent addition to our business and has contributed significantly to our ability to service our customers... Read More


    Dennis Darby

  • The chance to hear from other operators and interact with the GLDS team at BAM! is invaluable. We always learn... Read More


    Kimiko Uegama
    Novus Entertainment

  • I would recommend BAM! Not only is it fun, but you really get a chance to bond with other operators,... Read More


    Jodie Zawacki
    Thames Valley Communications

  • BAM! is my best opportunity to learn about new features and products available, as well as what's coming in the... Read More


    Deb Mefford
    Cable America

  • BAM! provides an opportunity for operators to get to know the GLDS staff and other users and feel like they're... Read More


    Vahl Burkett
    Wave Broadband

  • BAM! is a great opportunity to focus on BroadHub and get questions answered all at once, as well as have... Read More


    Carl Schaeper

  • BAM! helps us keep up with the industry and gives us an opportunity to talk to our industry peers about... Read More


    Sheri Miller
    CMA Communications

  • BroadHub is very intuitive. The navigation makes sense and the reporting features are very useful.


    Steve Firpo
    San Bruno Cable

  • From an accounting perspective, I don't know why anyone would ever choose anything except GLDS.  


    Rick Zaha, CPA, MBA
    Countryside Cable

  • The training and support during the conversion were wonderful. GLDS has consistently exceeded our expectations.


    Jan Stearns
    SkiSat Cable

  • We’ve been quite satisfied with the GLDS relationship. We have experienced significant company growth and GLDS has been a strong... Read More


    Steve Friedman
    Wave Broadband

  • I have been through a lot of training on various systems and topics. This was by far one of the... Read More


    D'Ette Carter
    Prime Time Communications

  • GLDS has a very professional and courteous staff, plus an excellent training facility. The training facility is very relaxing and... Read More


    Joe Ferrell
    Bryan Municipal Utilities

  • This will make the 4th billing system change I have been through since I have been working in the cable... Read More


    Tammy Horn
    Jet Broadband

  • The GLDS trainer not only knew the billing system but she also knew cable which was a wonderful plus in... Read More


    Yolonda Lasswell-Butcher
    Jet Broadband

  • Por mucho la solución más completa actualmente, control total de la administración en un solo producto, fácil manejo y amigable... Read More


    Ingeniero Efren Corona

  • GLDS did a great job with transitioning us to their cloud-based platform. Better still, I recently ran a Customer Summary... Read More

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    Patrick Hilke
    SCI Broadband

  • It's great having you and the rest of the GLDS team as partners for TVMAX. Everyone here is incredibly impressed... Read More


    Dave Curtin
    TV Max

  • Wow! I'm impressed. The features were all expected, but I never imagined that they'd try so hard to match the... Read More


    Dave Templeton
    Troy Cable

  • I have worked at several companies and never experienced such an excellent level of support from an enterprise solutions provider... Read More


    Rob Johnson
    Marco Island Cable

  • Having worked with all of the major billing providers in the telecom industry, GLDS is Laughably Better!


    Dave Haverkate
    Giggle Fiber

  • I always appreciate the quick replies from GLDS!


    Kevin Matthew
    On Top of the World

  • We have been with GLDS since 1999 and have always been pleased with their billing innovations and, like the other... Read More


    Jack Orpen
    BELD Broadband

  • If you don't have extensive experience, or time, we recommend GLDS' hosted solution for quick time to market.


    Kelvin Smith
    C3 Broadband

  • GLDS offered a much better solution for the cost than other alternatives. With GLDS we were able to centralize billing... Read More


    Dave Beasley
    CMA Communications

  • I am impressed with the telephony module that is integrated into BroadHub. The API was a seamless way of getting... Read More


    Chris Simmons
    Big River Telephone

  • GLDS allows us to add a compelling package of on-demand programming to our lineup of digital video services with an... Read More


    Darryl Chandler
    Source Cable

  • It’s been my pleasure to work with GLDS. From our conversion in 2009 to present, each inquiry and request has... Read More


    Elise Pothier
    Morris Broadband

  • GLDS support for our project was exactly what we expected; but our expectations are very high, and they rose to... Read More


    Dave Mundis
    Wave Broadband