Broadstripe joins GLDS in Multi-Year Partnership

CARLSBAD, Calif.  – May 10, 2009 – Leading billing & provisioning solutions provider Great Lakes Data Systems, Inc. (GLDS) today announced that it has entered into a multi-year agreement to provide Broadstripe with triple-play billing and provisioning solutions.

BroadHub®, the leading billing & service provisioning platform among small to medium-sized broadband service providers worldwide, offers the tools necessary to effectively manage Digital Video, VoIP, High Speed Internet and more. Broadstripe will use BroadHub to manage billing and provisioning for the breadth of their services including voice, video, and data services.

With an emphasis on serving their customers the way they want to be served, Broadstripe has employed GLDS customer self-care technologies CableAnytime and the GLDS ARU to provide both Internet and telephone based self-care options. In addition, Broadstripe will use GLDS’ risk management solution, WinScore, to help control bad-debt loss, and WinWatch to automate the identification and notification of possible outages.

GLDS has successfully completed the data conversion and has launched billing and provisioning for HITS NAS, HITS NAS-RAC, HITS QT, HITS QT+, High-speed data interfaces, VoIP management, VOD, real-time credit card/ACH processing, and CableAnytime for web self-care. Broadstripe is also using the GLDS Automated Response Unit (ARU) for self-care balance inquiry, payments, outbound dialing, marketing, and work order finalization by phone.

Effective management of voice, video and data across such a broad customer base has led GLDS to develop interfaces for virtually every video delivery system available today. In addition to video, GLDS also offers APIs for rapid deployment and device provisioning of Voice MTAs, eMTAs, cable modems, email servers, RADIUS servers, and virtually anything else the market demands.

“GLDS goes to great lengths to ensure we maximize functionality and value. In these tough times, our customers need cost-effective ways of competing and GLDS works hard to ensure we provide them,” said Garrick Russell, Vice President at GLDS. “We’re pleased to welcome Broadstripe and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.”

About Broadstripe

Broadstripe is dedicated to providing our residential and business customers superior entertainment, communication products and outstanding customer service in all the markets we serve. We provide a wide range of state-of-the-art digital cable and broadband internet services.

In 2007, Broadstripe was created by a group of cable and telecommunications veterans. The company is among one of the 25 largest cable operators in the United States. Broadstripe is growing and will continue to grow and meet the needs and the demands of our customers.

As a technology leader, in the rapidly evolving broadband telecommunications business, we are committed to upgrading our systems. To deliver new and improved services we have installed hundreds of miles of fiber optic lines and we will continue to invest in the markets we proudly serve.  For more information, visit