Billing Subscribers in a Changing Market @Broadband Communities

7/6/11 by Masha  Zager
Behind every successful service provider is a great billing system.  Responding to market changes with timely new offerings and then marketing these new offerings effectively requires a flexible, customizable billing system that lets service providers implement changes quickly and easily.  When Tullahoma Utilities Board (TUB), a municipal utility in Tennessee, added a telecommunications branch in 2007, a new billing system was a clear necessity. Dwight Miller, TUB’s administrative manager, says that although the utility already had billing software for its electricity, water and wastewater services, billing for triple-play communications services over fiber was far more complex.
After reviewing a number of solutions, TUB chose BroadHub from Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS) for its features, flexibility, ability to integrate with other systems and, of course, price.  GLDS began as a private cable operator in search of an affordable billing system, ended up developing its own billing system and eventually sold its cable operations to focus on the billing software.  Today the company, headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., serves more than 300 operators in 43 countries and has moved beyond the cable niche to fiber-to-the-home and other kinds of operators.