GLDS debuts TV Everywhere authorization @CED

07/23/2012 by Brian Santo | Great Lakes Data Systems has introduced an authorization service for TV Everywhere that it calls WinCAP.

WinCAP offers broadband service providers and their customers centralized multi-screen account and parental control management, with real-time authorization.

The system is integrated with GLDS’ Web-based self-care portal CableAnytime, so subscribers are able to manage their TV Everywhere access using the same credentials they use to view and pay their bill, order PPV, view VoIP usage and upgrade services.WinCAP is fully compliant with CableLabs’ OLCA protocol and Adobe Pass, eliminating the requirement for operators to integrate with both protocols used by most content providers for TV Everywhere, i.e., HBO Go, Disney/ESPN, Turner/CNN, NBC and Fox. This gives operators a consolidated platform with a single point of contact for all content providers and simplifies their relationship with affiliates.

The centralized platform also gives content providers a single point of contact for authorizing content, minimizing the hassles of certification on the part of the content providers. GLDS integrates WinCAP with a content provider, giving that provider instant access to hundreds of operators throughout the U.S., the company explained. Using WinCAP, broadband service providers correlate package codes with content provider programming. When authorization requests come in, WinCAP knows what packages to look for on a customer’s account before authorization.

The company noted that WinCAP is being used by several customers, including BELD Broadband, Cable Systems of Nevada, San Bruno Cable, Spencer Municipal Utilities and others to provide authorization for access to the 2012 NBC Summer Olympics.

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