GLDS Touts Real-Time ‘TV Everywhere’ Add-On For Independent Operators @Multichannel

Vendor’s WinCAP Will Power NBC Olympics Authorization for Several Operators

7/23/12 By Todd SpanglerGreat Lakes Data Systems has launched a “TV Everywhere” extensions to its billing and subscriber management system for smaller operators.

The WinCAP solution is an extension of GLDS’s Web-based self-care portal CableAnytime and the BroadHub billing platform. Several operators will use WinCAP to handle authentication for NBCUniversal’s 2012 Summer Olympic Games online video, including BELD Broadband, Cable Systems of Nevada, San Bruno Cable and Spencer Municipal Utilities.

GLDS is demonstrating WinCAP for the first time at The Independent Show, July 23-24 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.Last week, the National Cable Television Cooperative announced it has enabled some 80 smaller cable operators with a TV Everywhere authentication solution based on a system developed by Ohio-based Massillon Cable TV. In addition, NCTC has agreement to offer Clearleap’s forthcoming ClearPlay Authentication system as an option for members.

According to GLDS, unlike standalone authentication solutions, WinCAP lets subscribers manage TV Everywhere accounts using the same credentials they use to view and pay their bill, order pay-per-view and access other information. The TV Everywhere account information also is live, whereas other authentication systems create a separate database for TV Everywhere usernames and passwords.

WinCAP complies with CableLabs’ Online Content Access (OLCA) protocol and Adobe Pass, which allows the system to work with most content providers’ TV Everywhere implementations.

Carlsbad, Calif.-based GLDS says its BroadHub software has been deployed with more than 400 operators in 49 U.S. states and 44 countries worldwide.

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