GLDS Launches Real-Time Sub Authorization Service @BTR

July 23, 2012 by BTR Staff | At the Independent Show in Florida, Great Lakes Data Systems is demonstrating an integrated, real-time content authorization service for TV Everywhere, WinCAP. It’s designed to provide centralized multi-screen account and parental control management, integrated with GLDS’ existing web-based self-care portal CableAnytime. Additionally, WinCAP will power the 2012 NBC Summer Olympics authorization for several operators, including BELD Broadband, Cable Systems of Nevada, San Bruno Cable, Spencer Municipal Utilities and others.WinCAP is designed to let subscribers manage TV Everywhere access for all content providers from one centralized customer self-care portal, hosted by GLDS. WinCAP’s real-time authorization gives subscribers access to multi-screen content instantly. Subs can manage TV Everywhere account management using the same credentials they use to view and pay their bill, order PPV, view VoIP usage and upgrade services.

The centralized platform is also designed to give content providers a single point of contact for authorizing content. GLDS integrates WinCAP with a content provider only once, giving that provider instant access to hundreds of operators throughout the United States. Service providers correlate package codes with content provider programming. When authorization requests come in, WinCAP knows what packages to look for on a customer’s account before authorization.

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