Great Lakes Data Systems Makes an Olympic Breakthrough @TMCNet

July 31, 2012 by Amanda Ciccatelli | Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS) has been operating in the crowded and ever shrinking small-to-medium broadband provider space, but a recent announcement makes it clear that GLDS has no plans for obscurity. GLDS’ flagship offering, WinCAP, will be powering the 2012 NBC Summer Olympics for a number of operators by allowing TV Everywhere access for all content providers from a single self-care portal. The single point of contact minimizes the hassle of certification on the part of content providers, allowing small-medium sized broadband providers to offer content typically reserved for larger players in the space.“Our mission at GLDS has always been to help small operators look big and compete effectively with the same valuable service offerings provided by large operators, at a fraction of the price, and TV Everywhere plays a critical role in meeting that goal,” said GLDS’ President Garrick Russell. “It’s our belief that every operator, large or small, should have the ability to give their subscribers access to content, where they want it and when they want it. With WinCAP, we’re letting operators shift content to a multi-screen environment and send their subscribers to content providers directly, while retaining control of their own brand and cultivating the customer relationship and viewing experience to the greatest extent possible.” GLDS is happy to take the lumps and bruises that come with trailblazing for the more than 400 operators in 49 US states and 44 different countries worldwide. WinCAP is fully compliant with CableLabs OLCA protocol and Adobe (News – Alert) Pass, providing TV Everywhere type content for the likes of HBO Go, Disney/ESPN, Turner/CNN, NBC and FOX. GLDS is unveiling WinCAP for the first time at NCTC’s The Independent Show, July 23-24 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., booth #91. The Independent Show is a NCTC (National Cable Television Cooperative) members-only event, representing nearly 1,000 independent cable operators throughout the United States. GLDS is an NCTC-approved billing provider. Read the original article here.