Calix AXOS standardizes OSS/BSS integration – GLDS is leveraging the AXOS common service model and standards based interfaces to achieve an “integrate once, deploy often” business transformation, according to Calix.

AXOS promises to remove the limitations of recurring OSS/BSS integration costs by allowing service providers to integrate AXOS without the burden of massive custom IT and development costs.

Once tested and integrated using the Calix AXOS set of open APIs and common service data models, Calix customers will be able to rapidly adopt new AXOS systems supporting any PON and any PHY, well ahead of their competition.

“All service providers face the same fundamental challenges – high IT costs, complex OSS/BSS systems, and long integration cycles for new technologies and services,” said Shane Eleniak, Calix VP of product line leadership.

“We’ve abstracted the service layer as well as the hardware layer, so we can re-use the OSS integration and apply it to any solution creating a true any PON and any PHY experience for service providers.

Eleniak said the integration seal of approval from our billing and operational system partners like GLDS gives our joint customers the ability to deploy AXOS systems in any environment in a fraction of the time and win in the competitive marketplace.

“When AXOS, with its standard REST and NETCONF interfaces and a common YANG service model, became available to us, it was clearly a leap forward,” said Garrick Russell, president of GLDS.

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