Infosys and GLDS Recognized with Calix “Partnership Innovation Awards” for Enabling Customers to Deploy Future-Proof Networks, Accelerating Adoption of AXOS Platforms

GLDS is reducing back office integration times by more than 80 percent while Infosys is building ground-breaking AXOS modules that will radically simplify network architectures and operations

SAN JOSE – November 8, 2018Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced that Infosys and GLDS have been named the winners of the inaugural “Partnership Innovations Award” at the recent Calix ConneXions 2018. Recognizing the outstanding contributions of strategic partners who have been instrumental in the success of Calix customers, international consulting firm Infosys and California-based GLDS have stood out among their peers. Infosys has built ground-breaking AXOS modules to simplify customer networks, while GLDS has dramatically reduced back office integration times. Both are poised to continue their contributions in the years ahead.

“Calix partners are instrumental in delivering market-leading solutions to our customers, and it is our pleasure to announce both Infosys and GLDS as the winners of our inaugural Partnership Innovations Awards,” said Matt Collins, chief marketing officer at Calix. “Our AXOS platform unlocks immense value for service providers by enabling them to both reduce costs and realize new revenue streams. These partners are instrumental to achieving both of these ends, with Infosys playing a cricitcal role in developing new software offerings and GLDS dramatically simplifying system integration. Thanks in large part to our growing partner ecosystem, the future remains bright for the AXOS platform and our service provider customers.”

Since forming their strategic partnership in April, Infosys and Calix have been co-creating new software on the AXOS platform to reduce time-to-market for newly developed capabilities and advance the deployment of next-generation networks. Infosys is actively developing new AXOS software modules that enable service providers to reduce the cost of operating their networks, improve their network intelligence, and enhance their subscriber experience.

“Our partnership with Calix has been immensely valuable, and we are honored to receive this award,” said Nitesh Bansal, senior VP and global head for engineering for Infosys. “The communications needs of customers are changing, and so are the requirements for network performance. The old models are far too slow to respond to the speed at which both residential and business demands are increasing, and requires a brand new approach. Our work with Calix has enabled us to establish such a model and we look forward to building further on that foundation to ensure service provider networks can continue to meet that demand.”

GLDS has leveraged AXOS to accelerate back-office integration, demonstrating that the old standards of months or years for deployment are a thing of the past. In 2017, GLDS demonstrated an entire back-office integration in just four months. With their addition of the AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System in April, they were able to dramatically reduce the development effort to just four weeks. GLDS anticipates that moving forward, AXOS will cut its integration timelines even further to a matter of days — a benefit available to all Calix OSS/BSS partners and service providers, regardless of their underlying physical network topologies.

“We continue to be impressed with the results we have been able to achieve with Calix and are extremely appreciative of this recognition,” said Garrick Russell, president of GLDS. “The partnership has been extremely valuable to us, as AXOS has been an absolute game-changer. Not only has it increased the speed of our billing system integrations, but they’ve also been much easier to maintain. We’ve been able to pass these benefits along to our customers, who have been thrilled as well. We look forward to continuing this partnership with Calix and furthering our ability to provide our customers with best-in-class service.”

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