Hosted Billing Company Great Lakes Data Systems Helps Operators Save @TMCNet

10/19/11 By Anuradha Shukla, TMCnet Contributor  | More than 80 operators worldwide have adopted WinCable in the Cloud solution from Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS), a provider of hosted billing, subscriber management and provisioning systems for small-to-medium global broadband providers.

GLDS is WinCable’s flagship, stand-alone subscriber management and billing system that can be used by service providers virtually via the Internet, without requiring any hardware or infrastructure investment.

Service providers only have to install a thin client on each operator’s workstation and provide an Internet connection. This arrangement will allow them to enjoy instant access to the WinCable end-to-end billing and subscriber management system, anytime, anywhere.

“WinCable in the Cloud is rapidly growing in popularity among our customers because it offers a low startup cost, it’s easy to use and gives them full anytime access to WinCable from the convenience of a virtual cloud-based session. This makes it an excellent choice for smaller systems, or for larger ones looking for cost-effective ways of managing their business systems,” said GLDS’ president Garrick Russell.

“GLDS provides and maintains all related hardware, all system maintenance, back-ups, restores, PPV loads, and all system upgrades, allowing service providers to focus on meeting the needs of their subscribers and running their business, without having to manage and maintain a billing system.”

GLDS notes Savage Communications, which recently transitioned to WinCable in the Cloud and is pleased with the solution.

“GLDS did a great job with transitioning us to their cloud-based platform. Better still, I recently ran a Customer Summary report. While it used to take more than an hour on our old server, it only took four minutes to complete the report on the new, hosted solution,” said Savage’s IT manager Patrick Hilke.

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