Angela Imming

“We launched GLDS in 2017 and have been impressed with the balance between broad functionality and price,” said Angela Imming, General Manager of Highlands Communication Services. “As a municipality, we take our duty to spend responsibly very seriously. Comparatively speaking, GLDS offers significant value for the money. GLDS provided most of what we needed to launch our broadband offering, at very reasonable prices. GLDS has also been ready for us as we grow. We are currently launching our new Victory IPTV platform. Integrating the interface GLDS has developed is proving to make this transition much easier and cost efficient for our citizens. GLDS provides outstanding and timely support. Their team is not only helpful but sensitive to our timelines and, they are just super great people. I recommend GLDS to everyone looking for a future proof platform. They are a solid partner for the City of Highland and, a smart decision, financially.”